turning [jit.cellblock] by 90 degrees ?

    Feb 10 2011 | 2:15 pm
    I am working on a patch with a matrixctrl and a jit.cellblock to form a crossfield patcher. The inputs and outputs are listed in cellblocks. This all works fine. Only one thing is annoying. While horizontally one can place the cellblock next to the matrixctrl. and by that see which line is for which input, vertically one has to count the lines or make some kind of weird workarounds to connect the vertical lines to the names of the output. So my question is, is there any chance to turn a cellblock by 90° to make the text be turned by 90°? Or is there any other object that would allow to turn the text by 90°. I found a patch in the the toolbox named "tap.bpatch" but that is from 2001 and does not work with MAX 5. Any idea?
    Thanks for your help