Tutor wanted.

    Jul 30 2007 | 12:20 am
    My name is Matt. I live in both NYC and NJ and I'm looking for a tutor to help me out with the Max/MSP/Jitter C Api and C in general. I've finished "Learn C on the Macintosh" so I am familiar with the language but I don't really have a command of it.
    My hope is that once I'm able to write C inside a max external, mastery will come quicker. This has been the case with me for both Java and JavaScript. Both of these languages daunted me until I was able to stumble my way into a successful max external. Then I learned very very quickly.
    If anyones interested, you can either respond on this thread or email me at matt....at....estatesound.... dott....com.
    Thanks -matt