Twin Cities EJ Festival

    Aug 23 2011 | 2:54 pm
    Particle People, Vitamin Water, Livid Instruments, Genius of Fun, 000000000001, Modul8, Max/MSP/Jitter, Cycling '74, Raymond Computer, and Resolume presents:
    Twin Cities EJ Festival: August 27 2011, First Avenue Record Room $3.00 TML crossover
    Celebrating the 10th Year anniversary of the EJ Midi Turntable, with VJ's DJ's and EJ's performing Video – Music – New Media - Mapping – Software developers – iPad -Hardware – Mods – iPhone media apps, Circuit MODS, 3D graphics, video and projection, 2D computer raster graphics, computer simulations, VHS/DVD Mixes, keyframing, inverse kinematics, Computer vision, Image processing, Commodore, Amiga, Nintendo glitch video, 2D computer vector graphics, motion capture, glitch video, Anaglyph image processing, Modeling objects or environments, Laser mapping, artificial vision systems, augmented reality, Mobile Video performances and more! Meet the artists, software and hardware developers bringing you the latest in music and video performance technology.
    Justin Kent (EJ Midi Turntable Inventor) - VIDEO from Miami, Fl.
    Remix Magazine says he’s “blasting the market into 2099″ and the Discovery Channel calls him “the future of dance music.” International performer, inventor, and entrepreneur, Justin Kent is somewhere between starving artist and media mogul. Born in Orlando, Florida, Kent was brought up on a hyperactive diet of MTV and the Internet. Relocated to Boston for a whirlwind ride through the dot-com boom, he graduated from MIT then spent an action-packed stint hacking code at the original Napster. As a DJ pushing the limits of his craft, he started to bring abstract video into his sets. One day it occurred to him, “What if you could scratch TV?” Within a few months, he had invented the world’s first MIDI Turntable, an optical system for DJing video. Billing himself as an “Experience Jockey,” he’s since performed across the US and around the globe with his signature EJ Turntable – spinning a web of music video countdown vs. dancefloor underground. Being struck by lightning on his 25th birthday catalyzed his drive to lead the evolution of music into the 21st century. The Blue Man Group's video for Terminator 3 used the EJ Midi Turntable, among countless VJ's throughout the world. Justin will be performing with his invention, the EJ Midi Turntable and Visikord.
    000000000001 (Emergency Broadcast Network (VIDEO REMIX)
    Naughty Wood (MUSIC)
    Aaron Bliss (MUSIC) and
    EJ Nate (EJ Midi Turntable developer VIDEO)
    Nancy Cheng (MUSIC) and TimeSquid (VIDEO)
    Jobot (MUSIC) and VisionQuest (VIDEO)
    Emmanuel and Tonio (First Avenue VJ's)
    Mathstatic (Mapping installation)
    Mach Fox (Video Installation)
    TEAM EJ SETS until 2am
    Sound engineering by Amy Z
    First Avenue Record Room
    Vitamin Water
    Max/MSP/Jitter, Cycling '74
    Genius of Fun
    Visikord is world's first dance-based instrument for playing visual music.