two jit.qt.grab won't work at once

    Oct 24 2012 | 7:20 pm
    I try two use two jit.qt.grab in one patch without success. The input comes from a Blackmagic Decklink Duo. (Two seperated SDI inputs). I can only open one with one jit.qt.grab. The other one is not doing nothing.
    I opened Max in a second instance (copying the programm and open it a second time). There I can have the second camera opend. But I need them in one render-context.
    Any help?
    Thanx, luke

    • Oct 24 2012 | 9:33 pm
      for an opera play i made a patch with 8 jit.qt.grab objects using firewire cams .
      had lots of problems with data rate . had to add extra firewire busses.
      can you post a patch ?
    • Oct 25 2012 | 9:24 pm
      thanks for the answer. I don't have the patch with me now (and it looks like a mess, with all the other stuff going on ;) ), but basically it is just putting to jit.qt.grab in one patcher and trying to open two sources. It just won't do it. I can only select one or the other source. The second grab object doesn't react, as soon as the other one is open... I tried putting the grab object in a Bpatcher, but that didn't help eather.
      I helped myself by making a copy of my Max-Application and launched Max a second time. In the "second" Max I could then use another jit.qt.grab to open the second source. Using and gets the video to the first Max-Application where I can simply embed it into the rest... Mayby not the prettiest solution, but it works for now, which is important, because tomorrow is opening night ;)
      Anyway, if there is another way to solve it without opening Max twice, I am happy to know it! :)
      Good night, luke
    • Oct 26 2012 | 4:13 pm
      Hello, if you have two cameras connected you can use the @input (0,1, ecc) attribute to select the video inputs. I'm not sure if it will run with your card. See the patcher enclosed. Ciao, ric