Two notes on using jit.dx.grab

    Apr 15 2006 | 8:09 am
    Below I would like to share two issues I encountered on using the jit.dx.grab. As it is, all information are windows specific.
    First, I have found that the object will lead to a crash and closing Max/Jitter if you try to change the video device in case there is actually no device available on your PC. This may not seems to be a problem in most case, but if in case you want to reuse some of your old code, you will find it never reopenable and you lose it. In jit.qt.grab, it is safe. I guess a check of enumerated device internal in Jitter will solve the problem.
    Second, you can only change your video input (among a device) when you have already opened jit.dx.grab. It was an annouying problem at the very beginning when I wanted my patch to autostart and run and I had loadbangs to wake up everything but the video was always blank. Be noted.
    I wish you find the above information useful.