typing text into jit.2text

    Nov 08 2006 | 4:21 pm
    Hi I want to make a patch where I use the alphachannel of a text (realtime typed into a jit.2Dtext objest) as an alpha for some other movie
    I can't figure out how to type in the text into jit.2D text, I want it that it's all on one line but big characters, so that on a 2560x 768 projection window you can type in a word and it automatcally scales to fit the window (until there is for example an enter pressed)
    then when there are other words typed it just needs to erase the first letter everytime there is another key pressed,
    I have no id whatsoever about the typing thing, the alphablend is of course obvious (or at least I think its obvious)
    Any ideas anyone, I've tried to get my head around the jit.2D text ref and the jit.lcd but it didn't bring me any further
    best regards

    • Nov 09 2006 | 3:37 am
      this should get you started: