Ubu-populatus Interruptus

    Feb 08 2006 | 11:42 pm
    I'm using tiered UBU-menus to load movies in Jitter. I have three menues; general category, subcategory, and then the files themselves. Each time I populate a menu, it freezes my video output as the files/folders are read into the directory. This is different then delays caused when files themselves actually load. Is there a way I can keep this from happening by defering or isolating the threading of that function. I suppose I expect a bit of a hit when the files themselves load, but I'm getting little pauses everytime I navigate through my menus.

    • Feb 09 2006 | 6:35 am
      How many items are we talking about? There's likely nothing that you can do about this, although there might be stuff that we can do in future releases.
    • Feb 09 2006 | 9:27 am
      Top Tier 35 folders... But this only populates once, so not a problem. Middle tier from 2 to 25 folders per folder Bottom tier 5-20 items per folder.
      Though, I just tested with a single file running, and selecting a folder with a single file in it. Same as selecting a folder with a bunch of files.
      The pause feels like. Left click, choose item, unclick, HANG, resume playback. It seems as if the act of the query, as opposed to the act of filling the menu is when the pause comes. A very subjective statement.
      XP, latest versions of Max/MSP Jitter v6.5 of Quicktime.
    • Feb 09 2006 | 2:40 pm
      I have the same problem and concerns as Leo. It happens to me even when an ubumenu is reading less than a dozen movie files out of a directory.
    • Feb 09 2006 | 6:02 pm
      Thanks, problem registered. Please don't expect a fix immediately, though.
    • Feb 13 2006 | 3:55 am
      Moving this thread to Jitter...