ubumenu question

    Jan 12 2006 | 8:55 pm
    Hi all,
    Sorry if you got this earlier.
    Using regexp, based on something Patrick Delges posted last year, I'm finding the contents of a folder named "films" that resides in the same directory as a standalone. The folder contents populate an ubumenu as expected. What's not happening (that is expected) is for the ubumenus dumpout to report the number of items in the folder through the "populate" message.
    I imagine it's something obvious I'm missing, but I havent been able to figure it out. Or am I misunderstanding the messgae?
    I have an example of the application, patches and example files here : http://droolcup.com/ubuissue.zip.

    • Jan 15 2006 | 10:50 am
      This is a misunderstanding of how ubumenu's autopopulate feature works. If you use ubumenu to do your folder scanning, file gathering and so on, using the "prefix" message or the prefix field in the inspector, then autopopulate is relevant, and any files found in the "prefix" folder will be reported from the dumpout, preceded by the word "prefix". The way you're using it, you just want to send the message "count" to ubumenu, once you're finished with your appending stuff, or do what John suggested.
      However, I have never understood why people use the folder object AND the ubumenu object for managing folder contents. This is a good example of old habits dying hard. Here's your patch again, with "findmeshitsc" turned into a subpatch, and the folder object dismissed. Note that you had changed the prefix setting to "prefix" rather than "concatenate" -- for path stuff, concatenation is what you want.
      Cleaner and works as desired, when built into a standalone.