udp error message

    Jan 08 2007 | 8:17 pm
    I don't think this got through for some reason (apologies if it did, and I'm repeating myself) ...
    I'm attempting to set up my P5 glove on my macbook pro. Everything is installed (latest p5 driver etc) and the correct data is showing up in the Terminal. (Buttons x x x Fingers x x x x x Coords x x x)
    Inside Max I've tried both udpreceive and OpenSoundControl (not sure which is preferable).
    In both cases I get the following kind of error message in the Max window ...
    net.recv.udp: Bad size count 1275038416 in OSC bundle (only 60 bytes left in entire bundle) (and ditto that with various other large numbers in the middle)
    and nothing out of the receive object.
    I tried switching updreceive to CNMAT mode, which makes the error message go away, but all I then get from the object is
    FullPacket 80 8102995336 or similar (either 80 or 96 precedes the long number)
    Can anyone tell me what is going on, and how to fix it?