udpreceive and pattrhub dropping messages?

    May 27 2013 | 6:46 am
    I'm sending OSC messages from Common music to a Max patch, receiving them with udpreceive and routing them with a pattrhub to subpatchers, recalling presets of sub-pattrstorages. In Common Music the messages are triggered with a midi-pedal. In Max "in overdrive" and "audio interrupt" are off but still, sometimes some messages doesn't get to the pattr's : with each step comes a bunch of them, most of the time they all arrived at destination and then a whole step is missing although it has been sent from common music... :~[
    For information the audio processes are eating 50% of my cpu as those messages come in...
    Is it possible that udpreceive or pattrhub drops messages? Would it bring something if I add a defer object between the both?
    I am aware that I should also ask the common music's support team about the stability of my system but I also have to make sure that the Max side of this is rock solid.
    Thanks for your reply and your help!