umenu issue - is this a bug?

    Jan 20 2010 | 1:44 pm
    1. Large number of items in umenu (in this case, 255 preset names from vst~)
    2. If umenu is towards the bottom of the screen, it opens as expected when clicked on. The menu displays rows and columns enough to get all of the items in.
    3. umenu near the top of the screen. Clicking on it does nothing - it doesn't "open". The dividing line as to whether it works or not appears to be half way up the screen.
    This is on a MacBookPro, with a 2nd monitor attached. The 2nd monitor is arranged to be above the main monitor.
    I just tried re-arranging the 2nd screen in the Display control panel, and the problem doesn't occur when it's at the side or below the main screen. Weirdly, now that I've moved the position back to "above", umenu is behaving properly.
    I decided to post this (despite the apparent fix) as it's something that's been a problem in the past for me, and I don't know if it's a Mac OS or a max/msp issue. Any thoughts C74?