un-blurry a jit.lcd text output (low resolution)

    May 09 2015 | 6:45 pm
    hi everybody ,
    i'm looking for the way to get jit.lcd output only black or white (no grey) pixels , when in low resolution , such as 96x16 pixels. if i use jit.> ,after a RGB2luma , i get an ugly result . of course , i need a nice one ... i think i need some kind of attribute , in jit.lcd ,to do so , but i didn't manage to find one .
    here is a small patch :
    Would you say there's no chance to find a way to "un-interpolate" jit.lcd's output (using text) ?
    any idea ?
    thanks by advance

    • May 10 2015 | 7:03 am
      i , for example , try "textmode" , with various values (1-->38), the "imaging with quickdraw" in "inside mackintosh" document explains the differences between each presets , but i can't see any change in the output of the jit.lcd ...
      should i ? (Max 7 , MBP 2014 ,Yosemite)
    • May 10 2015 | 1:35 pm
      Hello Matthieu ,
      Do you absolutely need it the been in CPU Jitter. Here is a version with jit.gl.text
    • May 10 2015 | 2:27 pm
      hi Phiol , thanks a lot .
      I have to create matrixes on which text is written . I am stucked in low resolutions , because i have to display these matrixes , on flip-dots displays (as on my avatar) .
      their dimensions are 96x16 (not the ones on my avatar , but other ones) . 16 height , when converted from GL world (or even CPU if the dims are higher ) , is very hard to get clean . many pixels are being anti-aliased (again !) , it’s the case on some letters ,not the others , and it also depends of their exact placement . It seems very (very) hard to get something cool ,all along the word , simply always working , always clean .
      I have found some fonts on the net , very pixelated , that could do the job , but i would like to see them , without anti-aliasing , directly out from , for example , jit.lcd . they look great in gl.world , but not after being converted to low-res matrixes
      my goal is : i have to find a way to be able to improvise (which means no live parameter adjustings) , writing text on my displays . be able to write dozens of clean sentences , live . And the way i feed them , is giving them a matrix that matches their dimensions .
      So , to your question , i would prefer to answer yes , but for the moment , the jit.lcd , without this anti-aliasing feature , would be sooo cool !
      i wouldn’t prefer a CPU solution , but an as-easy-as-jit.lcd straight output , one .
      again , thanks a lot !
    • May 10 2015 | 11:12 pm
      Hi Matthieu
      would this work ?
    • May 11 2015 | 7:15 am
      Hey , yes phiol !
      this is really working good . thanks a lot lot lot !
      downsampling via jit.gl.node is the key parameter that solves quite everything . adjusting jit.world 's size , gl.nodes 's dim and a pwindow 's size , lets me have a very comfortable live preview . and the use of a simple preset allows to get flawless displaying of the font i choose.
      it's very nice from you , i really appreciate . thanks , again , as soon as i go back to my displays , i capture the result and post it here .
      have a nice day Phiol
    • May 11 2015 | 8:17 pm
      My great pleasure Joumik.
      I know precisely how you feel :-) Can't wait to see what it does. please feel free to ping personally via email when you have the footage.
      Have a great show :-)