Unable to add objects to collective!

    Mar 04 2006 | 11:49 am
    Dear all, I'm trying to built a VST plugin from a simple Max patch.
    I'm using MaxMSP 4.5.5 on Windows XP.
    The errors that appears on Max Windows are like:
    Starting Build for Emi.pat-build... Processing script... Copying Patcher lcj_out.pat • error: Unable to add panel to collective! Copying External panel • error: Unable to add multislider to collective! Copying External multiSlider • error: Unable to add times~ to collective! Copying External *~ • error: Unable to add ezdac~ to collective! Copying External ezdac~ • error: Unable to add spectroscope~ to collective! Copying External spectroscope~
    I checked any path, nothing seems to be wrong... For example, "panel" object is in the C:ProgrammiFile ComuniCycling' 74/max-startup (I'm using Windows XP in italian language).
    It's really weird because if (stupid example) I built a collective from a patch with just a "panel" (and nothing else) everything works well, and Ableton Live is able to read it and use it.
    Thank you very much, Bruno

    • Mar 04 2006 | 12:29 pm
      Just another thing: I just write a little patch with a plugin~ and a plugout~ and some tapein~ tapeout~, and it works as a vst too!
      But when I add the "plugconfig" object, on max window appears the same errors as before, and ".dll" is not create.
    • Mar 04 2006 | 5:01 pm
      Hey Bruno,
      Could you please try 4.5.6? I have this vague memory of some path issues to do with non-English versions of Windows being sorted out recently.
      Please let us know....