Unable to create JVM UG!

    Apr 23 2012 | 11:31 pm
    I realized that "Search for Missing Files" was still checked on my application today. Now when I compile, the main error is "Unable to create JVM" I've put the class ƒ, lib ƒ, and max.java.config.txt in the resources folder of the application and I've gotten nothing. It doesn't seem to care what gets included with build script or with manual dragging into the package.
    Any ideas would be lovely.
    mac 10.6.8 max 5.1.9 Java SE 6 1.6_31-b04-415, 64 and 32 bit on. Thats right right?
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    • Apr 24 2012 | 3:12 am
      for future reference. I found that these error messages remain but if I turn on usesearchpath the problem gets fixed....
    • Dec 03 2012 | 3:37 am
      I've been banging my head against this issue for the past 30mins, here's some more info that may help the next person.
      The option you need to check is "Make Application Subfolder Search Path" in [standalone] inspector.
      Then right-click your standalone, select "Show Package Contents" and copy : - java/lib/max.jar - java/max.config.txt to support folder (keeping java folder structure)
      Lastly, place your .class / .java files in the support folder and that should do it.
      This is on Max 5.1.9. I imagine / hope this has already been addressed in Max6 by C74.