Unable to see MIDI Yoke (Or other MIDI devices) within M4L's midiinfo object

    Jan 04 2012 | 1:55 am
    I have MIDI Yoke Installed and would like to send MIDI data to one of the ports. However There is no MIDI Yoke ports (or any other MIDI devices attached) showing in midiinfo. It is also not shown in the list of MIDI devices in the MIDI setup menu under options. Is this a Cycling74 restriction or is there something that I need to correct? Interestingly the MIDI devices DO show on the Max Runtime (i.e, MIDI Yoke 1, 2, etc)
    One thing that I found out is that If I have the Max Runtime running and then i start Live and load a Max patch, I can see the MIDI devices in the patch but I cannot unlock the patch to modify it.
    Sooo, is this done on purpose? and If so why? Or is there any settings I need to change?

    • Jan 04 2012 | 5:48 am
      MIDI in Max for Live devices has to come through LIve first. There is only one "official" MIDI input into a Max for Live device - from the track the device is on.