Unable to use 'Extras' in packages nor the 'Max/packages' folder

    Jun 04 2014 | 11:03 am
    My concern is to avoid the fastidious drag-and-drop of many stuff every time i update to a new max 6.1.xxx version... so i want to use only packages for none-cycling74 stuff, but:
    In the 'about packages.txt' it says: "Items in folders marked with a star will automatically be included in the search path." …so as "extras" and "object prototypes" don't have stars, this means i have to put them manually in the max search path using the file preferences?? But I don't get it, i cannot make it work!
    Also, when i try to use that "'Max/Packages' in your Documents (Mac)", it doesn't seems to import anything, i don't get it neither…
    Thanks, Alexandre