Unexpected Bpatcher/javascript behaviour.

    Apr 12 2012 | 2:50 pm
    Hi all, I have been finally getting to grips with javascript and have suddenly hit a problem, no errors appear and the weird thing is it it worked fine for a while then suddenly started acting strangely not. Wander if you lot can give us a hand!
    I have been trying to make a simple step sequencer using number boxes dynamically created with Javascript (similar to the javascript scripting tutorial). I have three rows of bpatchers at the moment containing identical patchers though they are saved as different files (as are the js objects). My function to create the number boxes is called 'create' (original eh) and the value is passed through the inlet of each bpatcher using their own number box attached to a message box containing 'create $1'. At first this worked fine, the number boxes where populating the bpatcher no problems. But now for some reason I can only have one bpatcher showing the number boxes at a time. ?? I The patchers remain all the time they do not get deleted, just the number boxes. For instance i create 6 number boxes on the first bpatcher and when i try and populate the 2nd or the 3rd the number boxes get deleted on the first and the otherbpatchers are populated!?
    Hope this is sort of clear, any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers

    • Apr 13 2012 | 4:57 pm
      Right solved it. I used the same array name for the number boxes. Simply changed them and bam.