Uni Project in MAXMSP

    Dec 11 2013 | 8:06 pm
    I'm not very savvy with MAXMSP and I'm trying to learn. I'm on a Performance Sound course in Rose Bruford in London and I would like some help on working a few things out in MAX for my sound instillation.
    The Idea: The Idea is somebody sits down on a chair in a room full of speakers and lights. I'm thinking of making it look like a sound/lighting engineers closet. I will have fabric that when pressure is applied to it, it will send a signal down to my Arduino and into my Maxbook Pro with MAXMSP on it. My Macbook Pro will be linked to a mixing desk using a 3.5mm Jack to stereo phono and connected to the desk will be 5 of the speakers in the room with a subwoofer which will obviously make 5.1 surround.
    So to put it as basically as possible... Fabric in chair > Arduino > Macbook Pro > MAXMSP > Mixing desk > Speakers
    When somebody sits down on this chair I want a sound scape from a completely different place to come through the speakers. Like a beach or Hell. This audio I will design using Logic Pro 9. If he/she gets up again whilst the audio is playing, I want the sound to instantly stop. Also, provided he/she sits down again in 10 seconds or less I want the sound to continue from where it left off. If the fabric sends no signal in 10 seconds or more I want the audio to reset its self so that when the next person comes along they will start from the beginning. That way I can leave my instillation alone and watch people enjoy.
    My question is how the hell do I design this is MAXMSP?
    I'd need something to tell MAX that a signal is coming through. It's a simple ON/OFF. Either there is a signal or there isn't. When the signal is on it needs to trigger the audio. When the signal is off I need the audio to pause. If the signal is back on in 10 seconds or less then I want the audio to continue. If the signal is back on after 10 seconds I need the audio to start from the beginning. As you can tell I don't know where to start so any help on this would be fantastic!
    Also, How do I make my arduino communicate with MAXMSP?
    Thank you very much, Maximilian Crosby