uPattr: a front end for pattrstorage

    Jul 24 2016 | 9:57 pm
    Everybody needs presets.
    But I'm sure I'm not the only Max user who has struggled with the complexities of the pattr system, often falling back on the minimalist preset object simply to save my own sanity. There used to be pelado's excellent p.storage system, but that's been missing in action for years now, and even that was a fairly complicated beast.
    For some time now, for a number of projects, I've needed a quick, flexible & reliable preset system, and so I've gradually gotten somewhat up to speed on pattrstorage, in the process putting together a kind of front end that accesses most of its features in a (hopefully) more intuitive manner. I figured that it might be useful to at least some other Max-ers out there, so I cleaned it up & documented it, and here it is. (I named it uPattr because it integrates umenu & pattrstorage.)
    Using uPattr, you can: create, edit and rearrange presets; save and load preset files; trigger presets with or without interpolation; edit pattrstorage client attributes; set up timed sequences of presets; and access presets non-sequentially.
    Installation: Unzip it and put it in Max 7/Packages/.
    There are two main patchers (uPattr.maxpat & uPattrB.maxpat), a help file (uPattr.maxhelp), a reference page (uPattrRef.html) and two bpatcher snippets (uPattr.maxsnip and uPattrB.maxsnip).

    • Jul 25 2016 | 10:00 am
      good stuff-- i've got my own version of pattrstorage ui, but this is far more comprehensive; will check it out properly next time I need an integrated presets solution to my patches . Thanks!