Updating poly~ object after saving subpatch?

    Aug 18 2007 | 2:31 pm
    I have poly~ controlling a subpatch. Whenever I change the subpatch and save it to disk again, the poly~ object is not automatically updated (for example, if I add another input or output to the poly~ in the subpatch).
    The only way I've found to update poly~ is to rewrite a character(!) of the name of the subpatch, then "exit" the object.
    I've searched through the archives and the manual, but can't find anything on how to update poly~ after saving the subpatch.
    Is there such a way? And shouldn't this happen automatically?

    • Aug 18 2007 | 8:18 pm
      How are you opening the poly~ subpatch?
      I generally find that if I double-click on the poly~, then from the [polysubpatch] window do an option-click on the title and select the polysubpatch from the popup menu, edit *that* and close w/save changes, the poly~ instantiation is reloaded. And all is well.
      If I open the polysubpatch from Finder, make changes, close/save... then I don't always get an update.
      But there may be some other voodoo here that I am not aware of.
    • Aug 18 2007 | 9:16 pm
      Thanks for the tip, but, unfortunately, it doesn't work for me. Still no automatic update to the poly~ object.
      Btw, I've generally been opening the subpatch as a separate file.
      Only other alternative I can find is save the subpatch, save the original patch with the poly~, then reload the poly~-patch from the "Open Recent" menu.
      Anyone else know of a smoother way? I like it smoooooth. ;)
    • Aug 21 2007 | 1:15 pm
    • Aug 21 2007 | 1:36 pm
      Quote: Stefan Tiedje wrote on Tue, 21 August 2007 07:15 ----------------------------------------------------
      > It is only happening if you add or delete inputs. And if you double > click on the poly~ you will even see the other ins or outs, only outside > it is not reflected. > Of course if you had some initialisation sent from outside into the > poly~ you would have to do that again as well... > But usually it will always load the new code...
      For me, it never ever loads the new code - not even if I change the number of outputs or inputs. I always have to do it manually.
      It's strange that this doesn't happen automatically, particularly when considering how long the poly~ object has been implemented.
      > Another way to do so is to select the poly~, delete and then undo...
      That's a good tip - thanks!