Upgrading my buffers to 1 polybuffer

    Jun 20 2012 | 2:08 am
    I have this older patcher that I need to update, it samples a microphone and store that to 1 buffer~, each consecutive recordings are in different buffer~s with a current maximum of 32 buffer~s. I want to replace it by a polybuffer~ in hope to have more than 32 buffer~s.. I'm not sure if I need infinite, but I think working with polybuffer~ will just be cleaner. The ability to write all the buffers to file in a folder is always quite interesting.
    However I did send messages to specific buffer~s and I'm wondering how this works with polybuffer~, the help and reference are not helping me. I change the size of each buffer~ after recording on it and I also have the option to normalize the buffer~ after recording. How can I do this with polybuffer~?
    I can't really test much at the moment and I'm only starting my research, but.. I figured it would be easy to send all these messages to a buffer~ and rename/reassign that buffer~ to modify another buffer of the polybuffer~. Problem is, I can't seem to have a buffer~ sharing the same buffer as one of the buffers of polybuffer~... Even though they share the same name.