USB hot plug with hi?

    Jun 25 2008 | 9:34 am
    Hi C74...
    is there any chance to see hot plug support for USB interface handled by
    [hi] in Max 5 ?
    On windows, it seems possible to do so by re-instanciating the hi object.
    On the other hand, one has to restart Max on Macintosh...
    It is a super handicap to have to restart Max because of only one interface
    that has been unplugged from a USB hub, and it really becomes a hell
    when working with *many* interfaces, with a heavy-long-to-load patch.
    I think super collider has it working right...
    Would be a super great improvement, and spare a lot of stress with these
    so baaaaaaaad USB plugs... [Who the hell is the engineer who designed
    such a plug?]
    BTW, does anyone has idea where to find secure USB connector (e.g. with
    clips like XLR)?
    (Neutrik has the ethernet format but no USB...)
    thanks for any hint..

    • Jun 26 2008 | 4:39 pm
      i've gone through a LOT of hell with this sort of problem, mostly with USB MIDI devices. for a while i was using a setup that featured 2 midi controllers, each routed to different programs, with max routing midi to Reason via a loopback. every time anything got unplugged, i'd have to completely restart the program.
      as far as the hi stuff, from what i know about the windows device driver system, it should, in theory, be possible to hot plug somehow, but that feature is rarely implemented. i don't know a whole lot about the osx implementations, but i imagine the same problem might exist.
      so... in short, as far as i know there is no good solution to this. personally, i use a lot of electrical tape.
    • Jun 27 2008 | 11:10 am