usb-hub --> [hi]

    Jul 26 2011 | 5:29 pm
    Hi all!
    I need to use a usb-hub (10 ports) to route data from multiple usb devices to Max.
    1) Does anyone knows if I could separate those data in a way that Max knows which data comes from which port?
    2) If that is not possible with [hi], is there another object/abstraction I could use?
    Any suggestions welcome!
    Pandelis Diamantides | Microseq

    • Jul 28 2011 | 4:58 pm
      in my exeprience, the hi object menu in the hi help tutorial generates a unique name per usb device. While you wont be able to find out the hub port per se, you should be able to distinguish between the devices themselves.
    • Aug 31 2011 | 8:54 pm
      Thanx lokey but, I really need it to distinguish between the ports, e.g 10 identical joysticks connected to the max running computer using a 10 port usb-hub.
      Any other suggestions, please?
      Pandelis Diamantides | Microseq