usb reset

    Mar 31 2006 | 5:56 pm
    I'm sure this has been answered but I can't find it on the list. I'm using serial objects with usbserial input, and when running, if one of my USB input cables is unplugged and then plugged back in, its usb port number is incremented. As a result, my serial object no longer sees the incoming data.
    How do I reset a USB port, or better yet, lock the USB ports so that the serial objects can get the data? Currently it appears that the system finds the active usb ports when things start up, and reserves them. When a cable is unplugged and plugged back in, the system can't access that reserved port until I restart, clearing the ports.
    I'd be happy if I could do that through the Terminal, and even happier if it could be done through Max/MSP.