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    Dec 14 2013 | 7:36 pm
    Hello there,
    I'm in the process of learning Jitter (loving it a lot) and have been working on the GL stuff recently.
    I have been able to load a model I created in blender to my object, and want to do some interesting operations with it. I thought that pulling it into would be the best way to do so; but am having trouble having it actually show up.
    I have changed the @matrixoutput attribute to 1, which is then going into a jit.gen, followed by the which is being sent to; but I'm not getting any output. I am able to see the handle I have put on the model within the window; but not the model itself.
    Any help would be super appreciated! thanks =)

    • Dec 14 2013 | 7:53 pm
      Actually, I was able to accomplish a bit of what I wanted by looking through the reference files for and messing around with things provided by the "drawing" tab =D
      Fairly interesting, and I am looking forward to further experimentation with it.
      Feel free to disregard this post now, thanks again =)
    • Dec 14 2013 | 8:00 pm
      Make sure that your drawing mode for AND is set to draw primitive triangles !! Another thing you can do is use the triangulate modifier in Blender. Simply put the standard quad mode doesn't work very well and can give unexpected results.