Using a real file rather than a "cache" file while using spigot~

    Mar 08 2009 | 8:14 pm
    Hello list,
    I'm using spigot~ to manage sound from (in fact, a few in a poly~ object but I don't think this change anything at my question)
    When beginning to read a movie, spigot~ whrites an .aif file in cache somewhere on the disk. During this operation, the frame rate is deeply decreasing. Once the .aif file is created, the frame rate becomes ok again but, I need to pass from a movie to another quickly (that's why I'm using the " in a poly~" method AND, I would like to make the patch operate in good conditions just after opening...
    The best would be to save the .aif file and to force spigot~ referencing this saved file rather than the cache file he creates each time while reading the movie. (This would be much more simple than creating much code to read the .mov and an .aif in sync...)
    Any idea ?

    • Mar 10 2009 | 3:14 pm
      If I recall correctly from my previous excursions with spigot~ (do double-check the html help file and documentation), it only has this delay issue the first time you play a movie. Subsequent playbacks will access the cached aiff in the location specified, unless you have caching turned off, set very small, or you don't have any room for caching on your hard disk. The default behavior should be as you desire - just playing back the aiff in tandem w/ the movie.
    • Mar 10 2009 | 8:32 pm
      Yes, but I'am asking because I've seen the .aiff cached file is deleted when the patch is closed - So it as to be re-created the next time I need it. After reading you, I've been looking in the spigot cache folder and I'm not so sure because the last aiff that spigot have created during my test seems not to have been deleted. I'll have to test it again and whrite the result, just give me a few days...