using browser-oriented js animation platforms in Max

    Aug 14 2013 | 3:41 am
    I have for many years alternated working in Max/Jitter and Flash to create video/animation. For me, I use Jitter for real-time interactive video processing and Flash for real-time interactive sprite animation. I've played a bit with Mgraphics as a way to bring some sprite animation into Max but I wish I had the tools/libraries that I had for AS3 development in Flash, like Greensock's TweenLite animation platform. Recently the Flash programming community has been disintegrating in the face of HTML5 and AS3 developers are mostly all switching to writing HTML5 js in a myriad of new or improved JS libraries, many of which mimic or are even directly ported from ActionScript libraries (such as Greensock's own "GSAP" - a port of the TweenLite platform). Are there any examples of anyone using an HTML5 animation library in Max js? The first problem seems to be that all these libraries use browser-specific code like window and document objects to actually render the animation in a browser window. I saw an earlier post about animation platform two.js and it looks sweet but I don't think it would work in Max because it is ultimately tied to the browser DOM. With Flash, the distinction between developers, who would build complicated frameworks and libraries, and animators who would use these to build increasingly sophisticated animations easily and quickly, worked really well. I've played with building a few js library files that I keep in my jsextensions folder but this is a far cry from using someones's optimized and encapsulated animation platform. There are tool builders and tool users - I want to be the latter! Any comments or examples anyone could point me to? Thanks, bob