Using Fingerpinger with Flash for multitouch input?

    Dec 11 2010 | 6:39 pm
    Can anyone inform me on how I might be able to leverage the ability for the Fingerpinger patch, which can read raw touch data from the Apple Trackpads, to transmit touch data for use in Adobe Flash CS5 (ActionScript 3.0 and the new touch classes)? I am hoping to get data from the trackpads that is similar to touch data transmitted from touch screen monitors. Example of usage here:
    I am not familiar with Max/Msp/Jitter programing, so I haven't been able to figure out if it would be possible to get the touch data as Fingerpinger does any other way, as Apple drivers only transmit gesture data (swipes and pinches).
    I am trying to build a project in Flash which would let me track individual finger points on the trackpad (specifically Magic Trackpad) to drive some visual experiences through flash. ANY help on finding a solution would be tremendous.  I have searched the forums for something like this and haven't found any answers. The touch events in flash are fairly recent so I assume this is a new topic to most, but the potential for using trackpads for touch data in flash is huge. 
    I have looked at the fingerpinger pages for help, but it is mostly specific on use with Max/Msp and I am not proficient with that application so I cannot connect the dots. If nothing else, does anyone know how I could contact the folks who created fingerpinger (I had trouble finding contact info from their pages)?
    Thais so much for any help, I am stuck!