Using mapamok calibration in Jitter?

    Dec 07 2012 | 8:44 pm
    I've been very interested in using Kyle McDonald's mapamok for projector calibration using 3D models within Jitter. If you aren't familiar with the project more information can be found here - and in a video here - The video shows everything fairly quickly, so I'd point there for how the software works, but essentially it allows you to very quickly align a 3D model to the real-world object being modeled and can export several XML files describing (to my understanding) the various saved calibration settings (position and rotation of the object and camera and a bunch of stuff that I can't quite figure out).
    I'm hoping someone can help me to "translate" the exported settings to their Jitter counterparts. I'd like to be able to use mapamok to align things and then import the saved calibration setting files into Jitter and set the associated parameters in,, and (and maybe another object I'm forgetting).
    I'll attach the export files from an example alignment - can anyone help me to get a scene in jitter to match? Some seem obvious (like position), but I still wonder if there's any kind of unit translation. Others seem to have more to do with more complex CV adjustments that I'm not nearly familiar with, although I feel they probably have counterparts in render or camera parameters...
    Thanks for any help,

    • Mar 31 2013 | 5:44 pm
      did you went somewhere with that project?