Using Max to control a Dusky R232 device

    Dec 14 2010 | 11:40 am
    I want to send commands to a 'Dusky'. The dusky is described as a "A serial controller capable of controlling upto 15 sky/sky+/sky+hd boxes in any combination boxes via a 57600 baud 8N1 RS232 connection." and the protocol info is described here
    The commands work in VB (though I don't!), but I need to integrate Dusky control in an installation. An example command is A+01tgx . Max's serial object will only recognize integers and converting the above command into integers or as a hexlist doesn't work. It is like the command needs to be sent 'as is' like you would with a modem through a terminal screen.
    This needs to be executed on a PC and Max Marcoll's externals don't seem to be available in Windows forms (despite what says).
    Sorry if Im being a total noob but Im now running out of time and Im sure one of you experts can see your way right around this!
    Many thanks in advance

    • Dec 14 2010 | 12:43 pm
      I should add - those console 'externals' are jsui objects but I still can't get the response I need :-/