Using MaxMSP Patches in Logic

    Apr 18 2009 | 1:23 am
    Hello, I would like to use a simple synth patch inside Logic, optimally, the same way I would use any other AU in Logic.
    I have done some forum searches and it seems that plugin creation is currently broken in Max5, but if I use Max4 I could create the plugin and use an 'AU wrapper'?
    The only other alternative I can think of is to use rewire, but my experiments in that regard have been less than successful (latency, instability), etc.
    So to make a long post short, what is currently the best (simplest) method to use a maxmsp patch inside of Logic? I'm on a mac pro running 10.56.

    • Apr 19 2009 | 2:38 am
      Make sure Logic is running FIRST. Create a new aux channel(I do this from within Logic's mixer from the "Options" pop-up menu located just above the mixer). Change the input to the aux channel to "RW:MaxMSP 1/2". Then start up Max/MSP, go into DSP Settings... window and change the audio driver to "ad_rewire"(and turn the DSP on). Finally, load your Max/MSP patch and send signal to the dac~ outputs: you should hear it and see the signal within Logic once you turn up the volume to the aux channel. To fix latency, you can go into Logic Audio settings and tweak the vector size to something like 64 or below. I don't really have problems with instability so this does seem the simplest way... but otherwise, soundflower involves creating an aggregate device from within Apple's CoreAudio "AudioMIDI Setup" app(usually located within your applications/utilities folder). Then try to invoke this aggregate device from within Logic Audio setup. Personally, I prefer Rewire.
      Creating a plugin within Max4 IS another option, but it requires much more work to resculpt your patch with plug-in objects and then build the vst and then use audio scan app to expose it to pluggo and then finally rescan for AU's using Logic's Audio-Unit Manager(and when i do this, certain objects lose functionality like pattrstorage and thispatcher(which doesn't happen with regular VSTs)). After all this work, there's no way to tell if/when you'll be able to transfer all that work to Max5 since no one really knows yet what's the future of Pluggo.
      Hope that helps, best of luck.
    • Apr 21 2009 | 1:52 pm
      Splendid! Thanks kindly, I'll give that a try and see what's what.
      Cheers, Joshua
    • Oct 13 2010 | 7:39 am
      Hey Raja, I try the same but using LIVE as master and I have latency problems. I'm using Max in ad_rewire mode and get the information from LIVE with a 'rtin' object. Using LIVE in a very slow tempo, I have latency problems between the click in LIVE and the drum-machine sounds which I generate from Max. Can u help? As usual: thanx so much
      Cheers Peer