Using multiple usb mice for data input into MAX on XP and OSX

    Mar 22 2006 | 10:57 am
    Hi folks
    I am considering using multiple hacked USB mice as sensors for a multi-user installation work.
    I'm using mini-mice and want to implant them inside wearable interfaces, so standard game controls are not appropriate (too big).
    They only need to transmit vertical OR horizontal data, but I do need some way of identifying data from each mouse, and not getting the data mixed up (which is what happens when you just plug two usb mice into the same computer)
    CPNMouse is an XP device that may be a solution for XP.
    Has any one had any experience with multiple mice that they would care to share on the list?
    As a situation I can imagine using multiple mice would be quite useful in a range of game-like multi-user systems.
    Thanks in advance
    George Khut

    • Mar 22 2006 | 11:51 am
      Do you need multiple pointers ? If not, using the [hi] object could do the trick. I never used multiple mice of the same model etc., though. So I don't know/remember if they appear in the [hi] object with a unique name.
      You can have a look at the list archive as well. Given such questions have been discussed, you may find useful infos, there.
    • Mar 22 2006 | 1:43 pm
    • Mar 22 2006 | 2:07 pm
      it could actually. i've started using this some time ago, but got stuck, and forgot about that until now. i tried to make external to read all data from all mices in system, but i've run into two serious problems: how to disable other mices from affecting system pointer, and how to make independent thread that will read this data all the time(when it arrives actually), and to output it to max when max needs it. it is quite defunct now, as it stops main max thread if you don't move a mouse, but if anyone wants extern/source i'll dare to look for it in the Frightening Unfinished Externs Asylum.
      best, nesa
      ps. sorry for typos, just reinstalled system and it somehow misses spell checker.
    • Mar 23 2006 | 9:32 am
    • Mar 23 2006 | 11:07 am
      Hi Vincent
      Yes, thanks for that, it worked fine. I also forgot to reboot MAX after plugging in the extra mice� doh!
      Now all I have to do is figure out how to get basic displacement (i.e. x or y data) data out of the mice rather than delta.
      Is that what mice generally do? (delta) Should I find some way to calculate displacement from the delta, or is that putting the horse behind the cart?
      Any suggestions would be most welcome
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    • Mar 24 2006 | 9:53 am
      George (Poonkhin) Khut wrote: > Is that what mice generally do? (delta)
      If you ever worked with a mouse you know it ;-)
      > Should I find some way to calculate displacement from the delta, or is that > putting the horse behind the cart?
      It depends on your mouse, try to track any value the mouse is putting out through Hi. If its only putting out delta values, what I guess it does (how should it find a reference point? think about it!), unless its a trackpad or a tablet, you need to calculate absolute values, like the mouse pointer on the screen does. Look at the mousestate object (which you could also use by the way) and see how it does its job.
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    • Mar 24 2006 | 12:19 pm