Using Novation Launchpad with Max MSP?

    Oct 20 2010 | 4:48 pm
    Hi, just wondering if anyone could help me out a little here.
    I bought the Launchpad today for a university project thinking it would be a simple MIDI controller that I could use for a max msp patch i'm creating, so using ctlin objects as a switch and ctlout objects to change the LED colours of the buttons. I've read the programmers guide from novation but don't understand it fully. like i said, i thought it would be a simple MIDI controller with simple buttons like most other controllers, but i can't seem to get anything to work. the top row of buttons show MIDI data coming in via the ctlin object hooked up to some number objects, but none of the other buttons seem to work. they all seem to be recognised through automap too.
    can anyone help?
    just to add, i don't want to use max for live for this. it's a university project and i have to use just max msp to create an instrument and perform with it, with the launchpad just adding to the ease of performing with it.
    thanks in advance for any help

    • Oct 21 2010 | 10:26 am
      if you have a search on for novation launchpad, there are patches people have put using the launchpad with the application used for the monome. there is a patch called nomone that someone made which uses the launchpad as a monome.
      hope this helps...
      lewis edwards ------
    • Oct 21 2010 | 6:50 pm
      You may find the wac.lpHandler utility on my site exactly fits your needs:
      It is a handler to allow interfacing with the Launchpad directly within Max using a simple OSC protocol. The handler takes care of all required MIDI communication with the launchpad.
      There is documentation and an example patch included in the download. The example patch shows the Launchpad controlling (and getting feedback from) a simple synthesiser. There is also a full overview (with examples) of the OSC protocol.
    • Oct 21 2010 | 9:54 pm
      thanks for the help guys,
      i've had some progress with it so far. i've checked out the nonome which is pretty fun and i'm currently going through the patch to figure out how to get midi data from max to the launchpad to light up the LEDs. i figured out how to get midi data into max now, it's all done through automap, with each button assignable. what i don't quite get is automap has MIDI CC numbers 1-127, that i can get into max with the ctlin object, but also has MIDI note numbers, which don't come in through the ctlin object. does max have a separate object for dealing with midi notes instead of control data? i could then get 4 pages worth of usable buttons.
      also, thanks for the link to the wac.lpHandler utility, i'm gonna check it out asap.
      again, thanks for all the help, its really appreciated!
      EDIT: thought i had it sorted but it seems to have stopped working now. now every 'page' seems to just output note in messages. i swear i had it coming in as control data before but must have been going mad. also i figured out how to get MIDI note data into max, with the notein object. i'm learning!
    • Jan 04 2011 | 11:38 pm
      I recently built some objects for working with the Launchpad in Max:
      These are straight-up Max objects, so if you plan on building your project in Max I think these would work well for you.
      Regards, Miller
    • Jan 05 2011 | 8:10 pm
      this might get you started
    • Sep 20 2012 | 11:25 pm
      i just wanna jump in here, just got max 6 up from maxforlive and really wanna get into making something to light the launchpad so help my visually aid a patch.
      ""this might get you started
      -- Pasted Max 5 Patch, click to expand. -- john.""
      this is more on my level compared to some of the other examples i've seen. i wonder if theres any similarly simple way to add to this patch to make the lights stay on for as long as i hold the button.
      really i would like a button to be low red when not pressed, then turn full red when pressed for as long as i press it, then turn back to low red on release. any suggestions here would be great.
      many thanks ned.