Using "number~" object

    Nov 19 2012 | 11:38 pm
    Hello, I'm trying to use data from incoming audio signals whether it be guitar, piano, vocals etc. in order to take that data to manipulate video and so on. I'm a bit confused as to what the "number~" object is actually monitoring from the incoming signal. I've read through the help file but it still seems a bit abstract. My question is could I use the "number~" object to measure pitch, volume, or oscillations of the incoming waveform? Thank you Cycle '74 community!!

    • Nov 20 2012 | 12:13 am
      Not what you're thinking at all.
      For pitch/amplitude etc.. you'll need a dedicated object. I personally like descriptors and descriptorsrt from the Harker externals. Sigmund~ is also very good, as are fiddle/bonk, and Analyzer~.
      Number~ is showing the current value of a signal, so if you imagine a waveform, sine wave let's say, as something going from +1 to -1, and oscillating between those two points, that is what number~ is showing you. It's basically the amplitude of any given sample. Useless as an indicator of pitch, amplitude, or anything really.
    • Nov 20 2012 | 6:12 pm
      Great. Thanks for the help. I'm now getting somewhere using the "Sigmund~" object. Basically, for every different pitch, I would like something different to happen to the video. The patch is attached.
    • Nov 20 2012 | 8:20 pm
      You could also try fzero~, which is part of the standard distribution.
    • Nov 21 2012 | 8:12 am
      In many situations I tested, gbr.yin gave the more reliable results. It's part of the free FTM distribution from Ircam.
    • Nov 26 2012 | 6:28 pm
      Thank you for all the help! I'm using that fzero~ object with best results.