Using transparency with readpict and jit.lcd (w/ cv.jit.faces)

    Oct 10 2012 | 11:35 pm
    Hey there,
    I've read numerous posts on the forums about people running into issues using transparency with images for jit.lcd. Like others, I've been able to successfully figure out how to make an image follow the face using cv.jit.faces but I'm having a hard time cutting out the white area in my picture (where the transparency should be). I found suggestions for using alphablend but it doesn't work with this readpict setup. Another way was to wrap the image to the profile of the face but that seems to be a little above my abilities in Jitter as of now. Has anyone been able to accomplish this yet? I saw this too: and I don't know if that's just chromakeying with cv.jit.
    Trying to set it up this way: