Variable rotatexyz in 3D [connecting two points with a line]

    Aug 29 2011 | 8:34 pm
    Hello folks
    This is my first post in this great forum and already i have a (maybe stupid) question:
    I have two moving points in 3D space which I'd like to "connect" with a The position of the gl.graph object between the two points is no issue. The correct calculation of the rotatexyz values, however is.
    I've tried various approaches, calculating the angle between the given vector (PointA -> PointB) and the normals of the axes (100, 010, 001) for example. Which works fine if I move the two points along the X and Y axes. However, as soon as I change the Z value I get strangeness.
    Another approach was using the 3Dcartopol object, witch gave me similar results.
    So I hoped some of you guys could help me finding the correct approach to this problem.
    Thanks a bunch! Simon