Various problems loading Max 4.6.3 and Max 5.1.0

    Dec 01 2009 | 10:25 am
    I've quit using Max on my computer because of these troubles. I need to get it working again.
    Windows XP SP2 / Max 4.6.3 / Jitter 1.7 / Max 5.1 / Java 1.5 / iLok
    First of all, i wanted to edit old pluggos (you know, the stuff you can share with anybody on any working platform ?) so i tried to launch 4.6.3. For unknown reasons, it doesn't launch anymore. I've uninstalled everything Max related (even used jv16 uninstaller), uninstalled everything iLok related, then reinstalled verything again (latest iLok drivers from the website). With or without the Ilok, 4.6.3 doesn't launch and freeze at 99% of cpu for ages. Runtime works, c74 support told me "pace related problems, reinstall your OS". I won't reinstall my OS anytime soon, because i bought dozen of audio softwares that work flawlessly, i don't know why Max won't.
    Then i said, at least i'll be able to work on 5.1. For other unkhown reasons, it launches well. Good. Why 5.1 and not 4.6.3 ? Mystery. I've added all my search paths, so far no troubles, thanks to the new database management i guess.
    Then i prepare myself to the everytime bug with vst~. Bammm, as usual, initializing vst~ for the first time always freezes Max5. You can now spend hours moving all your .dlls one by one to look for what Max5 doesn't like while all other professionnal softwares have no problem with.
    I'm sincerly fed up with this. I bought Max years ago, i used it 12 hours a day, i want it working back.
    I don't want any bullshit debug process anymore. I can sit on my Max 4.6.3 for this time beeing, because C74 support (btw, nice as usual, so pardon me for the ranting) told me i have to reinstall my OS and i believe them and i don't want to spend a whole day on this. But i want my Max5 to be working flawlessly fucking hell ! If it can't scan a vst folder without hanging what does it stand for ?