[VERY BASIC ISSUE] sound patches not working inside bpatchers

    Mar 11 2012 | 1:37 pm
    Hi everyone
    Have not been posting for a while.. hope you guy are doin' just great. does someone have an idea of what might be in the reason for a soundpatch not to reproduce sound at all if it's inside a bpatcher. I have two situations in here that look a bit weird:
    1) one is a patch with a series of sound processing patches inside a poly~ [xxx] 1 that doesn't simply output sound unless I open the bpatcher content
    2) another one is a granulator that is being instantiated several times with properly set #0 argument in the places where it should be and so, but doesn't output sound unless if I start the patch with sound on, and stops playing sound if the dspstatus is turned off.
    does someone have an idea of what might be behind the problem, if any specific issue related to instatiation of sound inside bpatchers, that I might be forgetting, or if it's more probable that it is a malfunctioning of the patches themselves?
    thanks in advance Tiago Morgado