video capture with PCI card in jitter, anyone?

    May 10 2006 | 11:54 pm
    hello, i'm looking at various ways of bringing in high rate high rez video into jitter, among them camera's with analog video, digital over USB2 and CAMLINK. has anyone any experience with a good PCI based video card that 1) does the capture and 2) lets jitter get at the video?
    many thanks, a

    • May 12 2006 | 10:53 am
      Can you specify how high the rez should be? I get fine results via Firewire.
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    • May 13 2006 | 9:37 pm
      Hey Ali,
      We have an AlchemyTV card that seems to work. Just remember it isn't compatible with PCIe G4 and G5s.
      Best, Christopher
    • May 15 2006 | 6:09 am
      decklink card is good.
      no firewire latency.
    • May 15 2006 | 1:05 pm
      i recently used a kona card for analog input from a hdv camera, and that worked super.
      dunno if osprey cards play nice with max, but those are great too.