video codecs and file formats

    May 26 2014 | 10:56 pm
    do you know how it feels to feel like an idiot?
    recently i `ve been playing a movie i made in a theater piece, just to find out that .mov files seems to be haram.
    my files were .mov quicktime movies containing a video track using H263/H264 codecs and and an AAC audio track. they were created using quicktime pro 7.6.4 on a PPC.
    first i had to discover was that these files do not play on windows 7 (using VLC)
    but then i had to find out that these files also do not play on a macbook pro, OSX 10.6.something, with quicktime pro 7.6.5! what the hell is going on here???
    luckily i also built an .mp4 file for this evening (with the same codecs: H264 and AAC), which played just fine on both machines.