video memory with onboard graphics

    Jul 14 2008 | 12:33 pm
    I have a complex GL patch which i am trying to get running as best as possible on a laptop with onboard graphics. At the moment I get the following errors when i start rendering. building GL on pwindow "pwin"... using software renderer. wglCreateContext failed - 2000 Please make sure that your monitor is set to 32 bit resolution. jit.pwindow: short on video memory. turned off depth buffer.
    The laptop is a Toshiba Portege Tablet with an Intel GMA 965 (i think it is the same as a MacBook) and it is running Vista Business and has three gig of RAM.
    Strangely, if i go in the the settings of the intel graphics, it is not using the max allocated video memory, in fact it only increases by 10 mb when i open my patch.
    Does anyone know if there are any hidden tweaks i can do to give more video memory to jitter?