video out to firewire still possible?

    Jan 21 2021 | 2:34 pm
    Hi. I know this is super oldschool, but I have my reasons. I want to send video out via Firewire (actually a thunderbolt-Firewire adaptor, which does seem to work quite well generally). Is there any way to do that with Max currently? I've been looking at jit.qt.videoout and jit.avc, but neither seems to even exist as an object, even though they still appear in the documentation. Any thoughts?

    • Jan 21 2021 | 3:17 pm
      nope these objects went out with quicktime. I did my best to scrub references to them from the docs or notate that they are no longer supported, but I do see I missed some items. jit.avc is still supported under windows.
      if you can't utilize modern tech such as Syphon, NDI or OBS, then I think your best option is to install an OS that supports 32 bit apps (e.g. pre 10.15) and run Max 7 in 32 bit mode. You can even still use Max 8 to generate the video, and then send via Syphon to Max 7.
    • Jan 21 2021 | 4:03 pm
      Thanks Rob - that's super helpful. I think I can actually do what you suggest as a stop-gap solution. Cheers!