Video Piano and Webcam Scratching with TC Vinyl

    Feb 03 2010 | 10:09 pm
    Just uploaded a couple of video clips of what I made last week with Max for Live.
    First up a video piano. Realized I've been mucking about with Jitter for weeks with little to show so I threw this together in a few hours. Clips arent particularly well thought out but it shows what you can do in that direction if you want to go there.
    Second proof of concept - Live scratching of webcam + mic input. Always wanted to give this a spin and it is quite silly, probably sillier than the video shows.
    You can download the live set with devices here:
    Might work you never know! On windows you will have to replace the webcam grabber object.
    Make sure you set the vinyl up to use track 1, the mic on track 2.Turn webcam on. Start the Live transport playing. Start your vinyl playing and press record (mapped to v on keyboard). Turn off record and start scra