video tracking and matching to a shape

    May 29 2006 | 8:14 pm
    I am struggling my way through this video tracking and then matching up the video with an already existing shape to trigger a response.
    1. the first thing I have is the shape in a pict format- done in high contrast.
    2. I want to then use a camera to video and track a person coming into the space and then filling up a replicated outline of a shape on the floor
    3. then check the filled shape with the pict shape (that is already loaded into my jitter patch.)
    I am then passing the video though highish contrast filter so the image an easily separate shape from the background
    4. How do I match the video shape and the pict shape? - do I unpack the matrixs and then some how match them up so when matched they trigger a response -
    1. is there a way you can compare matrixes and create a match???
    2. do I have to create numbers and then match the numbers in the 4 planes?? if they match within a 5 pixel range then they are equal
    or can I make the images black and white to start with - bring them in as
    a single matrix - the high contrast pixels would be black and then the white is white.
    this would take out the issue of what is colour ???? perhaps and 4. how do I unpack and match the images to trigger something else??/