Video tutorials: Abstractions

    Apr 12 2018 | 5:17 pm
    I have started production of a series of video tutorials. Each is 30 minutes of concentrated information suitable for beginners and intermediate Max coders. The first two are done! Tutorial #1 Abstractions Topics: * structured programs * Presentation Mode * use of [bpatcher] link Tutorial #2 Abstractions Revisited Topics: * difference between subpatchers and abstractions * passing arguments to abstractions * named arguments * scripting using arguments link Please like, subscribe, comment, etc. That way I can direct future tutorials to what you would like to see.

    • Apr 14 2018 | 12:56 pm
      Thanks, Michael.
      The Max Help is brilliant as reference material and for simple examples. In fact, Max is my favourite tool in this regard.
      My tutorials are designed to lead people through coding using a structured approach. I demonstrate how different objects integrate at a functional level, to accomplish specific tasks. This has proven successful in the classroom.