Visual Infographics Philosophy Education Tool

    Apr 24 2013 | 7:54 am
    Just thought I would post that I am working in case someone pops up with "Wow! that's what I'm into! Let's work together!". What are the chances? well, you never know....
    After a comment from a friend "I wish I could just see how philosophy is interconnected, it would help me understand the concepts better", my brain couldn't stop whirring on the idea. How true it is, it's so hard to unravel what's what from a wikipedia article, wiki hunting, let alone traversing the Stanford Philosophy pages. Like most awesome subjects, the subject matter is dense, deep, and ultimately all over the place.
    I'm a huge fan of visually understanding how large thought frameworks interact. Like objects, concepts have a huge background of information behind it, but to be truly visionary and just "get how it all fits together" you need to be able to wield powerful concepts quickly. Infographics to the rescue. There's really a dearth of infographics out there for philosophy, so i'm inspired to work on software that implements such a thing. I'll likely use fuzzy logic, some internet API's, scripting, witches blood and toadstool..... Sorry for the ramble, just thought I might find some friends along for the ride! (I'll post about it here if it gets interest>>>>)
    to see a cool inforaphic:

    • Jan 05 2016 | 3:30 pm
      Hi Timothy,
      "Wow! that’s what I’m into! Let’s work together!" I am currently working on visualization of philosophical concepts. I have lots of ideas, some resources... If you are still interested in developing some product ( an application, website or book of posters)that will help people to understand humanitarian topics ( philosophy, sociology etc.) through visualization please contact me through email.
      Hope to hear from you.