visually sync filtergraph~ with spectrum analysis

    May 21 2018 | 4:30 pm
    Hi all,
    I'm trying to make a GUI for filtergraph~ that will show accurately a spectrum analysis of an incoming signal in such a way that the frequencies of the filtergraph~ accurately line up with the displayed analysis, similar to say the EQ plugin in Logic. I've been attempting this with both plot~ and spectroscope~, and neither of them seem to be able to quite line up their scaling correctly. This seems like the kind of thing people would want to do, and it shouldn't be this hard -- has anyone come up with a solution? Thanks,

    • May 21 2018 | 5:03 pm
      Please ignore -- I screwed up the domain sizes. Works fine, I pulled the trigger too fast....
    • Sep 20 2019 | 4:37 pm
      Hey Mattyo,
      could you maybe tell me how you did it? All my values are matching but it still doesn't line up.... Greets, Nepo
    • Sep 22 2019 | 2:50 pm
      I think the main thing was changing the filtergraph frequency display to linear, but it was a while ago. Attached is the relevant code...