Visuals to trigger sound from sonograph

    Oct 19 2010 | 3:15 pm
    Hello everyone,
    I am fairly new to Max/MSP/Jitter and I could use some advice!!!
    At the moment I have a patch which creates a sonogram of a sound using jitter. I can playback with the mouse and everything but that is not enough. I want to create a multitouch screen (I am dealing with the software at the moment) which will produce visual effects which then the visual effects will trigger the sound in the sonogram.
    As far as I know it would be something like having each pixel (from the screen with the visual effects) assign to a pixel on the sonogram screen and produce a sound of that very frequency. So, I guess I need "infinite" mouse clicks working simultaneously.
    I am aware though that there might be an more elegant way of doing this but I don't know how.
    Any help is welcome, any at all!!!
    Thank you all, this forum is great...