Vizzie playr not working?

    May 12 2011 | 2:06 am
    Howdy all!
    I wonder if you can help me.
    My PLAYR vizzie modules are working only intermittently. Out of the things I've tried, they will play .mov files I've imported from my iPhone, but it won't play .avi or .mov samples of, say, The Breakfast Club. Those clips DO load into the playr - I can tell because the clip length changes and the player will "play" through the length of the clip. However, even though it's "playing," the playr displays nothing in this case.
    I don't know what the issue would be. I don't know vizzie's file preferences or anything like that. I've searched thru the forums a bit but have not found any answers, and Vizzie has pretty minimal documentation - those tutorial videos don't really have any troubleshooting content.
    Does anyone have any info on this stuff??