VLC as alternative to quicktime

    Mar 28 2011 | 1:11 am
    Hi all, Before I begin this endeavor, I just wanted to check the feasibility of incorporating VLC as an image source analogous to jit.qt.movie? I really only need control over the buffer size for a rtsp video stream which VLC gives you access to and quicktime does not, but am curious about some of the other functionalities of VLC. I am of course open to other suggestions, too.
    And it should be stated, I myself have no ability to undertake such an endeavor, so if it is possible, I would be looking for someone to hire. Thoughts and/or interest, please feel free to contact me on or off list: david beaudryinteractive com
    Much thanks, David
    P.S. If anyone has any other suggestions for getting an rtsp stream into jitter (bypassing quicktime), I'm all ears!